This meeting, the third of a series, brings together Engineers and Physicists with Developmental and Stem Cell biologists to explore the nature and control of the self organizing properties of cellular ensembles.

There are opportunities for short talks, so register here and send your abstracts early via our contact form.  Deadline for submission is Monday 23 July.

Download the poster here.

Invited speakers:

Paola Arlotta – Harvard, Boston, USA Kat Hadjantonakis – Sloan Kettering, New York, USA
Carl-Philipp Heisenberg – IST, Vienna, Austria Jianping Fu – University of Michigan, Michigan, USA
Penney Gilbert – IBBME University of Toronto, Canada Jérôme Gros – Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Madeline Lancaster – Lab. Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK Michael Levin – Tufts University, Boston, USA
Prisca Liberali – FMI, Basel, Switzerland Alexander van Oudenaarden – Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands
Olivier Pourquié – Harvard, Boston, USA Orly Reiner – The Weizmann Institute, TelAviv, Israel
Silvia Santos – The Crick Institute, London, UK Stas Shvartsman – Princeton University, Princeton, USA
Eric Siggia – Rockefeller University, New York, USA Elly Tanaka – IMP, Vienna, Austria
Barbara Treutlein – MPI, Leipzig, Germany Virgile Viasnoff – MBI National University, Singapore, Singapore


Matthias Lutolf – EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Alfonso Martinez Arias – University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Shahragim Tajbakhshs – Inst. Pasteur Paris, France Peter Zandstra – Michael Smith Labs. Vancouver, Canada
Lottie Groocock – Local Organiser